The Ripple Effect

This week has brought healing, tears, heartache and everything in between. As life unfolds after the excruciatingly painful loss of our sweet Caleb, humanity and love has been felt every step of the way. This week I wrote Caleb’s obituary. I put this off until the last second knowing it would be hard. I’ve decidedContinue reading “The Ripple Effect”

Love and Healing

Gabriel has been doing so well in the NICU at Brenner’s. He is up to 4 pounds and 13 ounces! After regressing on bottle feeds a bit at Levine’s, he is back up to taking 30-40 mL by bottle! We are so proud of this sweet nugget. I spend my time visiting him just rockingContinue reading “Love and Healing”

Closer to Home

We are so excited to share that Gabriel was transferred yesterday morning to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston Salem! We were able to pack our bags and come home after weeks of being away. It feels so good to be in your own space! The doctor and case worker at Levine didn’t expect things toContinue reading “Closer to Home”

Caleb’s Calling

Grieving the loss of a child is something I never thought I’d ever have to do. Saying the words in the last few days- “We lost one of our sons”…. it leaves you breathless. The deepest hurt, the most devastating experience, a piece of your soul being ripped away. We have laid in our Father’sContinue reading “Caleb’s Calling”

Tiny Warriors

It is truly amazing to see these two precious, tiny boys who grew from a few cells to living, breathing babies. Just holding their hands, so small in our own hands, makes the miracle of life so much more real. We received these adorable onesies from one of Adam’s coworkers and his wife, who isContinue reading “Tiny Warriors”

One Day at a Time

This month will forever mean more to us than it ever has in the past. Many of us see awareness signs and graphics and briefly think about it and then move on. I am certainly guilty of this. It doesn’t hit home until the sign or graphic represents you or your child. We have learnedContinue reading “One Day at a Time”


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