Our Heart Warrior Has Gained His Wings

Today we experienced a pain that you cannot describe. A deep sadness that physically hurts and changes every fiber of your being. Today we had to let our sweet Caleb go. Early Thursday afternoon, we were told by doctors that the head ultrasound they did revealed that Caleb suffered a severe brain bleed, most likelyContinue reading “Our Heart Warrior Has Gained His Wings”

We Are Weak, But He Is Strong

This blog has been very therapeutic for me. It has been a place to process the most difficult time in my life, to experience and celebrate strengthened faith, to pray, and to hope. But it has also been a place to be vulnerable, to be honest, to share pain, heartache, and weakness. Tonight I criedContinue reading “We Are Weak, But He Is Strong”

A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Adam and I sat in awe yesterday evening, simply floored at the outpouring of love and support for our boys and our family. There aren’t words to adequately express our gratitude. I have been moved to tears throughout last night and all day today. There are times that God watches you, walks with you, andContinue reading “A Birthday Unlike Any Other”