A Birthday Unlike Any Other

Adam and I sat in awe yesterday evening, simply floored at the outpouring of love and support for our boys and our family. There aren’t words to adequately express our gratitude. I have been moved to tears throughout last night and all day today. There are times that God watches you, walks with you, andContinue reading “A Birthday Unlike Any Other”

Our Visit to Levine Children’s Hospital

Yesterday’s visit to Charlotte was a whirlwind. I started out with the Maternal Fetal Medicine team to have my ultrasound. Both boys are transverse and are making me extremely uncomfortable but they also have a lot of extra fluid around them in utero. Initially, because of this, they wanted to admit me to the hospitalContinue reading “Our Visit to Levine Children’s Hospital”

A Big Boy Bed and Twin Nursery

We’ve been working hard to get things ready for our boys to arrive! First, we wanted to get Aaron into a “Big Boy Bed” before they arrive. Too many transitions at once just aren’t a good idea. It turned out great and was our first big project. Between this room transformation and finishing the nursery,Continue reading “A Big Boy Bed and Twin Nursery”

A Light Unto My Path

Today Adam and I went to our fetal echocardiogram at Wake Forrest Brenner Children’s hospital in Winston Salem. This is our third fetal echocardiogram and the third location we have been to. Many of these specialists and sonographers rotate to several locations, including our pediatric cardiologist. As expected, the pressure build up has caused Caleb’sContinue reading “A Light Unto My Path”

Words Have Meaning and Names Have Power

Adam and I had a hard time picking out names for a long time. We had 4 boy names to come up with between the twins and had already come up with two when naming Aaron. After the news at our anatomy scan about Baby A’s heart, I felt that we should look to theContinue reading “Words Have Meaning and Names Have Power”

“You Have Never Failed Me Yet”

Today we had our second fetal echocardiogram, 4 weeks after the first one. They are so long and there is so much waiting involved. After an hour-long ultrasound, and waiting for the doctor, we got the news of how Baby A’s heart looks. We have prayed long and hard for damage to slow down andContinue reading ““You Have Never Failed Me Yet””